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The Electronic Commerce is a reflection of the Company, that is observed by Internet and it is at the disposal of potentials interested in his products, originating in the World. It is by this, that at the time of penetrating in Electronic Commerce, if the Industralist makes a good decision thought, planned and developed it does not have any disadvantage, but - on the contrary - innumerable advantages. For this, it is necessary to consider some minimal conditions that they make possible to offer the best Commercial Image.

  1. Commercialization online - Where the transactions by Internet and with all the structure of charges can be realised completely Online. A catalogue no longer is sufficient, is like having a show window and the CLOSED business; on the other hand, with the level of commercialization and at the speed that is accustomed in Internet, it is not arrived at anything, always it will remain in the way.
  2. Own dominion - To count on a dominion, is to have the own direction of its Business in Internet (ex
  3. Security - At present, the system of Collection is used Online where the payment is realised directly in the Bank of issue of the card or the means that uses.
  4. Merchandise shipments - it is not possible to be had a Business in Internet without a complete structure of Shipments of Merchandises at level National and International.
  5. Commercial mediators - It is necessary to count on the services of Impartial Mediators who guarantee Commercial Loyalty between the parts, denominated Escrow, that certifies the operations so that they do not exist frauds and they regulate the fulfillment of the merchandise deliveries and returns.
  6. Commercial servant - the Business must be lodged in nonGratuitous a Commercial Servant. This is fundamental, since any person who visits her site and knows Internet, realizes this situation. It is as if the Business was installed in a place nonqualified, and therefore, the Commercial Image that it will be giving to the World is terrible.
  7. Communication with the Business - the navigator or visitor of the site must have communication channels ONLINE with the Business or forms of notification. The email within the site is totally old fashioned and nothing advisable by the invasion of Spam (mail sweepings) that undergoes the account in very just a short time, making it uncontrollable.
  8. E-mail Business - the Business must have for its printed documentation, directions of email, Example: - We must indicate that Commercial Image is very unfavorable it to tell on email gratuitous that they are not Commercial.

When a Company needs to solve a countable or legal problem, it would not be happened to him to the industralist to go to study of Accountant or of Lawyer, simply it resorts to the professionals. In the commerce by Internet, one is due to come in the same way, to obtain the best advising is necessary to resort to Specialized Professionals in the matter, thus to be able to implement a agreed competitive service to this Great Globalised Market.

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