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Electronic Commerce applied good power the reach of its Company because it arrives at people of diverse places of the World, at those who very hardly it would be arrived with other means. In addition, it counts on the appreciable advantage of which the possible it finds us consumer at the time of his needs.

The Small and Medium Enterprises accompanied by a good commercial strategy have the same possibilities that the Great Companies, thanks to the fact that Internet gives the following characteristics him:

  • Equal the opportunities of market between small and great Companies.
  • It considerably increases to the presence in the National and International Market.
  • It reduces the operative costs.
  • It favors an approach and improving the business relationship with his clients.
  • It accelerates the times in the commercial evolution.

Also, to carry out Electronic Commerce it does not need to increase his space physical to take care of the public, does not spend electrical energy, it does not need personnel for the either repositores boxes and. It is by that the expenses much more are reduced that those that would imply abrir a branch in some district of its City, and with the advantage to every day arrive at public National and International, selling of the year and to all hour.

But we do not forget that Internet is very competitive and does not pardon, is going to allow to us to enter the New Commercial Market Globalized if we make the things and in professional form well, otherwise, we will be in the periphery and we will only secure frustrations.

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