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REDCOSUR (Red Comercial del Sur) It offers Courses and Seminars on the application of Technology in the commercialization; realising an important awareness campaign through the Cameras of Trade; Associations or Institutions Private or of Government, Local, Provincial, Estadual, National or International, that represent to the traders of All America.

These Courses and Seminars are effected by the ConectAme Program in shape Totally Free, and are directed to the Commercial Area of the SME, with the purpose to do them know the Concrete Commercial possibilities that presents them  to participate actively in the International Market more important and dynamic that has known  in the history of the humanity.

By means of the ConectAme Program will do him know in shape practical and simple, all the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, in the different fronts; Commercial; Technological; Strategic; Communicative, etc. As like this also, of the different forms of Commercialization.

By all this, to the representatives of the Institutions related with the Trade and the Industry of all America, invite them to that they take consciousness to approach the knowledge to his associated (before that it was too late). Attending to that like social and institutional referents, have the responsibility to orient to his communities, offering them ways and behaviours directed to the Economic progress, Commercial and Business by means of the adecuación of the activity of his associated to the times in that we live and that presents  inevitably.

It is demonstrated in the World that Internet is great the mass media, and that constitutes the present and future of the commercialization; nevertheless, due to the great lack of precise information on the subject, this important tool is not being used in suitable form, and consequently, the Companies lose the possibility of impose their brand, its presence and its Commercial Image in the flat International.

REDCOSUR jointly with REDCOSUL"The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America" - puts at the disposal of Chambers of Commerce and Association or Institutions that at Local level, Provincial or Estadual, National or the International, retailers group (they are Importers, Exporter, Industrialists, Wholesaler, Retailers, etc.), to foment the use of Internet applied to the commercialization in their different modalities.

Offers: Completely Free and Without Commitment, Courses and Seminars of technological update directed to the Commercial Area of the SMEs of All America, by means of the implementation of the ConectAme Program, with the aim of fomenting the use of Electronic Commerce in Professional form, approaching us the enterprise culture of the New Commercial Market Globalized.

Programa ConectAme - The Training Program and Integration Technological for Enterprise and Institutions related with the Commerce of All America. 

Our Intention: it Is that the knowledge arrive to the traders that treat of not to remain so backwards of the all and try to enter in the Electronic Commerce of way very rudimentary by means of dysfunctional pages or realising inoperable investments, (without the suitable knowledge) doing that in place to realise big businesses, only achieve big frustrations.

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