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REDCOSUR (Red Comercial del Sur) Has a very clear Function in this New Digital Market in what it represents for All America; where the commercial means still do not have appropriate structures so that the Users realise shopping in any one of the Regions of the continent with the owed necessary Juridical Security.

Due to well-known and feared the lacking one of control in Internet, And in some cases,  the use with ends little clear, is that it is born this Commercial Community International, where Our Function is To administer to the Network of Electronic Commerce International, to control and to assure Commercial Loyalty, Security, Confidence and the Good Treatment for Our Users and Adherent Business.

It is to emphasize, that "everything what happens" in the Sites of the Commercial Network and in each Adhered Business, is monitored and registered in Bases de Datos of REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL for his later verification, before any complaint or controversy.


All the Business that Are adhered to Our Commercial Network, make by means of a Contract Certificate; reason why they are controlled convincingly in terms of real address, commercial inscription and identification of the person responsible for the Business, that in addition, is committed by contract to fulfill our Norms of Coexistence and Commercial Loyalty towards the buyers, accepting the intervention of Commercial Network REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL by any controversy, to obtain a joust and fast composition of interests. Of this form, we preserved good reputation and commercial reputation of all the Business of Commercial Network REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL.

Of not fulfilling the Terms and Conditions, Commercial Network REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL reserves the right to terminate the commercial contract with the Business and consequently, Will leave to be available in this Commercial Community International.

Users and Consumers

All the Users and Consumers of this Commercial Community International also are monitored in their commercial attitudes and of good deal with the Business Adhered to the Commercial Network, reason why they are identified by Number of IP, Servant of Internet, Full name, Physical address, etc.

In the case of detecting conflicting attitudes or of bad faith on the part of some User or Consumer with anyone of the Business of the Commercial Community, the same will be registered in Data Bases, and as a result of it, they will not be able to carry out purchases in any of the Business of all the Commercial Community.

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