The Commercial Network - Who we Are

REDCOSUR SRL - It is a Company specialized in the study, development and the application of Mechanisms Advanced and Technology for the Commercialization.

We count on an important Commercial Structure integrated by teams of Qualified Professionals, specialized in Commercialization, Administration, Net-marketing, Computing and Legal. Working jointly with the restlessness to overturn all our Experience and Technology in benefit and at the disposal of all the Users, Business and Institutions that integrate this important Commercial Community International.

One of the main problems suffers Electronic Commerce in All America, is the lack of credibility and legal security, That prejudices enormously to the Users and especially to the Small and Medium Enterprises (commercial, industrial or of services) that cannot optimize this important tool they do since it in the Countries of Europe.

Worried about this situation, in 2001, we began our studies and analysis of the problem by means of the creation of the Site of Electronic Commerce - From those analytical studies, we observed that the problem was much more ample and complicated than it seemed. Not only a good development of the software of Electronic Commerce was necessary to present/display and to position to the Business, but also that was due to contain the User and to integrate the manufacturer, to the transport, the banks, etc. and we ourself with our organization, to be able to administer, to direccionar and to apply to Technology to all that structure, completing all the cycle of the transactions online of safe and reliable way, respecting the Norms of Commercial Loyalty that we demanded to all the components of our Commercial Network International.

To achieve these very ambitious goals, and in seeking to give battle to the large investments were made in Europe and the U.S.; In the year 2008 with the heyday of Social Networks, had the possibility to change radically the situation of the Electronic Commerce; then we created the Commercial Network REDCOSUR (Red Comercial del Sur) as like this also in Brazil REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul) making up "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America".

Working as Network and Community we achieve the best strategic solutions to each of the problems that we had in the implementation of Electronic Commerce in All America.

Now the SME of All America, have a new form of ingresar to the Electronic Commerce to the highest Professional and Competitive level.

At present, Commercial Network REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL counts onSpecial Programs of Qualification and Integration for Companies SME and Institutions of All America - ConectAme Program - Like offices thus also credited in twenty-four (24) countries of America. It is integrated by five (5) Commercial Communities and seventeen (17) International Sites dedicated exclusively to Electronic Commerce, whereas other ten (10) are in process of Integration.

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