The Commercial Network

The Commercial Network is a Big Commercial Community integrated by more than 30 Sites Specializing in Electronic Commerce of All America, that work organized manner in the research of the best solutions Technological, Strategic and Operative in a territory that no this prepared for the commercialization automated between the different regions.

The greater problems observe  mainly in Latin America; these problems did that the Electronic Commerce have not evolved as it was necessary, more even in an extensive continent where the majority of the Countries that integrate it are the designated in via of Development.

Evolution of Electronic Commerce in the World.

Latin America represents only 3% of the Electronic Commerce of the World and of this percentage almost 2% is of Brazil.

This situation does that all what came  applying to develop Electronic Commerce, finished being insufficient in front of big the fault of infrastructure and territorial organisation of each one of the Countries. As like this also by the fault of clear commercial agreements to facilitate the Commercial interchange between the same.

All these problems have contributed like a big challenge for the Creation of this Big Commercial Network REDCOSUR (Red Comercial del Sur) – REDCOSUL (Rede Comercial do Sul); Composed by distinct Commercial Communities and Skilled Sites in Electronic Commerce that coordinatedly they work and they study the situation, to give the best solutions Technological, Strategic and Operative, that they are capitalised in profit of all the members of the Commercial Network, Conforming of this form "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America".

Working in Network and in shape Community have achieved the best Solutions Technological, Strategic and Operative to each one of the problems that presented us  in the implementation of the Electronic Commerce.

The forms of commercialization are changing very quickly and it is  showed in the whole world that now Internet is a fundamental tool, and with enormous projection to the future. Only it is necessary to open the mind to a horizon without borders, Where the greater limits are given only by the Fault of Knowledges and the Resistance to the Change.

Now the SME of All America, have a new form of ingresar to the Electronic Commerce to the highest Professional and Competitive level.

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Mercosur Sites

Mercosur Sites